Love and art never apart!

A cultural outing

I love art in all its forms. And, although I’m a total failure as a painter, I enjoy paintings by others. Whenever there is some art-related event in the neighborhood, I’m putting on my best dress and head straight there 🙂 Just last week, I visited an incredible exhibition showcasing love paintings by famous artists. Of course, those weren’t original paintings – at least, I never heard about the Louvre renting out its displays 🙂 But I guess it still takes great talent and skill to create a reproduction of a legendary canvas like Gustav Klimt’s or Amadeo Modigliani’s. And if it’s done properly, a mere mortal like you and me will never be able to tell the difference 🙂 I’m a very romantic person and I was amazed by everything I saw. I walked from one picture to another admiring the colors and the artist’s style. Some of the images where familiar to me, but there were also canvases I saw for the first time. That’s how I found out about Leonid Afremov. And I really want you to find out about him too!

Magic on the tip of a brush

This painting stood out among the rest. It immediately drew my attention because it was the brightest of all. But it’s not only its brightness that caught my eye. The painting depicted a female figure running down a rainy alley under her umbrella. As she was heading away from the viewer, I couldn’t see her face, but her posture seemed rather joyful and elated. The pathway under her feet shined and sparkled, wet with rain, and the trees growing along the alley were covered with strangely colored leaves – red, yellow, green, blue and even pink. The entire scenery looked like in a beautiful dream, a dream you don’t wanna wake up from. The name of the picture – ‘Running Towards Love’ (you can see it here, among other famous love paintings by the artist) – made it clear than the girl is hurrying on a date, wishing to fall into the arms of her darling. The more I looked at the painting the longer I wanted to keep looking! There was some magic in it. I was mesmerized by the scintillating colors and incredible painting manner. Besides, I noticed a few curious details:

  • Can you tell what season is depicted on the canvas? At first, it seems that it’s autumn, but the heroine is dressed very lightly. But if it’s spring or summer, why are the trees red? Makes you wonder…
  • Is the girl actually… barefoot? No, really! Look at her feet! There are no shoes on them!
  • The background is painted over with muffled white paint, as if the girl is running towards an invisible source of light. The light of love… Sounds romantic enough to me 🙂

So, what do you think about this painting? Is it really as great as I think? 🙂 I’d love to read your comments on this canvas in particular and Leonid Afremov’s works in general 🙂

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